We arrived in Dakar the afternoon of Oct 31. Left left the boat after lunch for a tour of Goree Island.

The next morning we did a second city tour.

Here is a Map of Goree

Here is a Map of our tour on Nov 1

goreefromsea_small.jpg goreefromsea2_small.jpg streetongoree_small.jpg streetgoree_small.jpg
streetgoree2_small.jpg streetscenegoree_small.jpg maisondesesclaves_small.jpg doorofnoreturn_small.jpg
shutter_small.jpg doorhandle_small.jpg paintingsalongpath_small.jpg canonongoree_small.jpg
agora_small.jpg streetscene_small.jpg fort_small.jpg insidefort_small.jpg
ferryandcanonfromfort_small.jpg boatsongoree_small.jpg halloween_small.jpg dakartraffic_small.jpg
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