We arrived at Freetown the morning after the eclipse. This afternoon was going to be our last adventure (we had not yet experienced the ferry).

Freetown was a shock to the system. Dakar had been mostly functional as had been most other areas we visited in Africa. This made Dakar seem almost European. Even Zambia and China in 1987 were better developed.

Sierra Leone suffered through the Blood Diamond Wars. While those days are past the country has clearly not recovered.

approachingfreetown_small.jpg coastoffreetown_small.jpg approaching_small.jpg citybuiltintothehill_small.jpg
streets_small.jpg dsc04958_small.jpg dsc04965_small.jpg nationalmuseum_small.jpg
nationalmuseum2_small.jpg headdress_small.jpg cottontree_small.jpg commericaldistrict_small.jpg
shopswherewestopped_small.jpg cathedral_small.jpg altar_small.jpg street_small.jpg
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