This was the first of two days marking time while the ship was repaired. We also visited the Museo Carmen Thyssen Malaga which is covered with the other visits to Málaga

The good news is that everyone appreciated the additional time in southern Spain. As a member of the Morocco pretrip I had good visit there. The original iternary had us blowing through Spain without really seeing it.

This map shows Torremolinos where our hotel was and Ronda.

churchnearpark_small.jpg carriephotographingcarriephotographingcarrie_small.jpg rondabridge_small.jpg wideangleofbridge_small.jpg
valleyunderbridge_small.jpg incitystreetsonsouthsideofbridge_small.jpg streetsonsouthsideofbridge2_small.jpg gardenatcasadonbosco_small.jpg
viewfromcasadonbosco_small.jpg hotelandbridgefromcasadonbosco_small.jpg morestreetviews_small.jpg iglesiadesantamarialamayor_small.jpg
insidechurch_small.jpg insidechurch2_small.jpg bridgefromeastside_small.jpg bullring_small.jpg

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