This was our longest day. We arrived in the morning in Safi. To make up for the delay fixing the boat the boat was going to drop us off and then head south.

Here is a Map of our journey

portofsafi_small.jpg darsultan_small.jpg headingeast_small.jpg drier_small.jpg
fantasia_small.jpg fantasia2_small.jpg fantasia3_small.jpg fantasia4_small.jpg
fantasia5_small.jpg someirrigation_small.jpg whereitwasnot_small.jpg sharedroad_small.jpg
approachingmarrakesh_small.jpg marrakeshoutskirts_small.jpg hotelsofitel_small.jpg towardstreet_small.jpg
outsideofsofitel_small.jpg poolatsofitel_small.jpg horsebuggies_small.jpg jardinmajorelle_small.jpg
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