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TravelQuest 2014 Trip to the South Pole

Traveling to the South Pole and searching for meteorites on the ice for science have always been a dream. I wanted to go to the eclipse in 2003, but then newly retired with my assets just recovering from the dot com resession, it was not the time.

In Februrary of 2013 I was listening to a presentation by Landon Noll to a local astronomy club on his meteorite search.  I realized I was listening to a presentation on the 2013 TravelQuest trip.  Sure enough a slide later was a picture of my friend Aram, the owner of TravelQuest.  I decided at that point that I was going to be on the next trip.

Panoramas of Trip

click on the images below to explore some detailed panoramas of the trip
Panorama of Union Glacier camp from tents
Union Glacier Camp from Tent Area

Panorama of ANI South Pole Camp
South Pole from South Pole Camp

Union Glacier camp from ski runway
Union Glacier Camp from Ski Runway

Trip Pictures

These will link to the individual days.  The story of each trip can be followed using the text of the page.  Otherwise you can just browse the pictures.

click on the picture to get the full story of the day
Dec 30 -31 Travel  to Chile
Why I will no longer be flying American out of San Jose
MIA bags
Jan 1 Arrival Arrival
Jan 2 Getting our winter gear
Shopping in Punta Arenas
Getting my winter gear
Jan 3 Departure leaving for Union Glacier
Jan 4
(really early)
Arrival in Union Glacier Union Glacier
Jan 4
(after some sleep)
Camp Tour Tour
Jan 5 Ski and Meteorite Hunt 1 Out Sking
Jan 6 Flight to the Pole
Station visit
South Pole Station
Jan 7 Visit South Pole 2014 South Pole marker
Jan 8 Return to Union Glacier Transantarctic Mountains near Theil Camp
Jan 9 Meteorite Hunting 2 Roped up walking to site 2
Jan 10 - 11 Return Home The bags our group brought


About these Pages

I started collecting my pictures on a Mac during my 2013 Africa trip. But then I had to move them to the PC and use some rather combersome tools to create the site.  One of the trip members worked for Apple and told me about Aperture.  Sure enough everything, except this cover page, was generated as Web Journels on Aperture.


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