Departure day

Bags at the front waiting for the limo to take me to San Jose Airport.  I had done the SJC-DFW-SLC trip before.  What could go wrong?.

  • waiting for the limo

Well for one the plane could break.

And that is what happened.  American said sorry, but that was the second time in a row that a plane from San Jose had mechanical problems.  It is clear that American is no longer interested in that location.

Fortunately a ticket agent got me rerouted so I could make Punta Arenas on Jan 1 (a day late).  It required a red eye from SFO to MIA (Miami) and then another red eye from MIA to SCL.

  • My day in Miami airport Arrive before 6AM leave in evening. Wander the airport with my bags.

The good news was that I got my bags at MIA.  They and I took a tour of the MIA airport for the next 12 hours until I could check in.

After that it was smooth sailing to Chile.

Whenever I have had a choice I have been flying American ever since the 70’s.  The reps at SFO and MIA were more what I have experienced in the past. So the problem is not with the airline, but with the way they treat passengers at SJC.