After the excitement of the previous two days I welcomed setting down in Chile.  Having been here before in 2010 I already knew some of the rules (like paying the American passport tax).

I met Simon and Landon at the LAN checkin.  We were early so we had to wait. After a couple of hours we checked our bags in and waited for the LAN Express fight south.  The LAN flight was packed with people coughing everywhere.  Oh well it was only 3 hours.

  • Coastline of Straight of Magellan near airport (east of PA)

    I spotted the ANI plane as we were approaching the gate.

    • Ilyushin parked at airport

    The day was clear, but very windy.  This is a view from the 6th floor elevator lobby toward the Strait of Magellan

    • View from elevator lobby on my floor
    • view from elevator lobby