Due to our early morning arrival we were allowed to sleep in.  The main goal for today was to continue our introduction to the camp.

This is a photo inside my half of the tent.  Note the drying lines.  Every day our inner layers need to be dried.  Wet clothes are cold clothes.  Stuff dried almost immediately.  Despite the cold the tents were Sahara dry.

  • My area of the tent

As I opened the tent I discovered that my judgement last night to stay up and take pictures was correct.  The day was low clouds and windy.  The moguls on the way to my tent (formed by the grooming equipment used in the camp) were now invisible.

  • Another view from outside of mess
  • less than perfect weather the next morning

Time to learn more about the camp

  • mess tent on left crew tent on right
  • recharging station
  • map of union glacier area

Much of our time awake at the camp was spent in the mess tent.  All of our meals, the charging station, and most lectures were in this building.  This shows the group around the table.

  • Group around table
  • mud room for mess tent

In the late afternoon Jan gave us a tour of the camp.  It was impressive how large the ANI operation was.

  • Freezer. Pit dug in ice
  • heavy lift
  • DC3
  • mess tent and restrooms from runway