Today was going to be our second try at meteorite hunting.  The day was crystal clear, but very windy.  There was a notion at breakfast that we might leave early in the morning on the 10th (the mirror of what we did coming).  Missing that window we would be guest at Union for a while

The area we were going to survey was not an area typically travelled.  That means the van would have to drop us some distance from the site.  Further since ANI had not run ground penetrating radar recently, we would have to rope up until we could prove a safe path.

  • This site was not surveyed so for safety we were required to rope up. We are being fitted with belts.
  • enroute


    One of the disadvantages of being an explorer was that the road was not groomed. At one point the snow was too deep and we were stuck.

    • view from stuck site
    • The road had deep snow and we got stuck
    • No problem. We dug out the tires and all pushed.
    • Waiting