By the time we returned from our meteorite hunt our departure had changed from possible to probable.  We ate dinner waiting for word.  Finally at 9:30 the announcement was made that the Ilyushin was in the air.  About 2 AM we saw it high over head heading for the ice runway.

So we packed up and raced for the plane.  The trip to the plane was the only time I felt in danger.  The driver was a maniac.  Those of us in the back were hitting our heads as he went over the bumps and he was fishtailing the whole way.  Surely ANI could give the drivers 5 more minutes of driving time.

Anyway we survived and boarded the plane. Around 8 AM on the 10th we touched down again in Chile.  We repacked and prepared to head for home

  • Back at Cabo de Hornos
  • Last dinner at cook it yourself place
  • What it takes to get 7 people to the pole (minus the ANI gear).