The true and ceremonial poles are located right outside of the south pole station.  In theory we could have visited them the previous day.  Most of us decided to stick to schedule and visit them this morning (the day after we arrived).  The original plan was to return to Union at noon.  I had packed up my stuff anticipating this.  When we got to breakfast the ANI crew told us that weather was again bad at Union we would be spending another night at the pole.  No problem,the weather was great here.

  • mess tent (right) from my tent. Pole station and poles are in distance

Walking toward the Pole(s)

The ice pack we are sitting on drifts.  While many miles thick the entire surface is moving.  Instead of moving the markers every year there are two markers.  A ceremonial marker marks the location of the pole in 1956.  In addition each Jan 1 the true location of the south pole is determined and a smaller marker placed there. A line of flags shows the trail of old annual markers.

        • trail of true location markers from Ceremonial Pole to True Pole
        • Ceremonial South Pole

        I have arrived

        • me at south pole